25 Aug Gown fitting by Estudio de Veralyne

We are very close! Just about a week before the seminar. We just had our dear Veralyne fitting our model over the weekend at Estudio de Veralyne in her shinny brand new office at One Soho, Subang Jaya. We have a gorgeous model, and a great...

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07 Jul Albums or not?

As a photographer, I find a soft spot in creating an album. A collection of great photography designed into an album. A collection that deserve my signature. I love my magazine that I created for Portfolio by Jon Low project. I personally love typography, combine...

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27 Feb Hello world!

Here I am, after 5 years of hustling through my career, people know me as Jon Low - wedding photographer. It wasn’t a long journey to date and it is far from over. Who am I? I remember the day I was given my 1st computer. That...

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